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Line Painting

Line painting & marking and parking area maintenance - COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL.

We offer marking services to shopping centers, retail malls, and property managers. Parking lot problems with insurance? Or you simply just don’t have one marked out. IPC can clean your lot prior to application, or you can pre clean for us the choice is yours.

No Problem… we use top quality marking paints and offer one year warrantee.

IPC has several templates from the basic handi-cap, to “parking for John doe only”, or we can create anything custom for you.

  • New lot layouts, pre bid, or re-design.
  • Blackout or removal of old markings.
  • Parking lines.
  • Warehouse lines and hazard warnings or traffic pattern designation.
  • Handicap designators.
  • Cross walks.
  • Arrows.
  • Curb marking.
  • Any and all painted markings available….. if we don’t have it we will make a template for you to suit your lot.
  • Stop lines, speed bumps, loading, and numbering to other signage related to larger lots like cross walks and directional arrows we do it all.
  • Parking lot problems or you simply just don't have one marked out.
    No Problem… using top quality marking paints.
  • We also pressure wash lots & sidewalks.

Warehouse maintenance / Plant and manufacturing

  • Industrial Interior hazard, or forklift traffic designation lines.
  • Sand blasting and heavy equipment & tank coatings.
  • Warehouse floor marking
  • Industrial Signage & Metal/ Concrete filled bollards.
  • Bollard placement and plastic Hi Vis protector covers.
  • Rubber speed bumps.
  • Work and Hazard signage, concrete and plastic parking stops supply and installation.
  • Plants & Manufacturing
  • Maintenance coatings.
  • Industrial Coatings sealers and painting
  • Food Grade Coatings.
  • Rust encapsulation.
  • Warehouse or production maintenance.
  • 2 part epoxy US Navy grade battleship deck coatings.
  • Caulking and sealers.
  • 2 part floor coatings and sealers.
  • Anti-skid and warning.
  • Hi Visibility and anti-skid stair treads and nosing’s.
  • Heavy traffic concrete coatings.


  • Hi volume
  • Traffic and line Painting (see section)
  • Interior or exterior painting
  • Tenant improvements,
  • Malls  & shopping centers,
  • Dryfall metal clad structural ceiling painting.
  • Floor coatings, sealers and epoxies
  • Commercial vinyl.
  • Murals
  • Exterior block
  • Structural Steel
  • Base building
  • Tenant fit ups, remodel and new construction
Fort McMurray Contractor
Fort McMurray Contractor
Fort McMurray Contractor