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Tool Rentals

Construction Tool Rentals

  • Drywall tools
  • Drywall stilts 35 day
  • Drywall lifts, 60 day
Drywall do it yourself kits complete with all the tools, knifes, t square, cutter, rasp, cut off tool etc. $100 week Full stock & supply of Sanding sponges drywall mud, pro compounds, fillers, tape, beads, screws and nails available in stock at better than retail pricing for renters. Texture machines w hopper

Pressure Washer
  • 3500psi | $95
  • 2000 psi
  • Extention wand for high reach 18'
  • Extra Hoses
Paint Spray equipment
  • HVLP Sprayers $60
  • Airless Paint Sprayers, Light and HD $75-$95 da
Parking lot Line Marking
  • Trafffic/ line marking machine $275 day
  • Cones $2ea day
Tile saws w full supply kits to do any tile Tile cutters $90 day w tile kit, snippers, hole saws, special cutting tools, diamond bit hole saw's ea $5 Floor Rollers $10 day Lazer levels for grading and sitework $100 day

Finishing & Construction Chop saws Dewalt 718 10" $50 day 160 wk
Dewalt 12" double bevel saw $75 per day $225 week Metal cut off saw $30 Concrete, metal cutting saw Hilti $100 day Chain Saws Diamond Grinders Grinders Belt sanders Palm sanders Small Generator $50 day Hardwood floor staplers $50 day Impact drills Demolition hammers $75 day Air Compressors, compressor tools, nail guns, air chisels, shears

Ladders /Planks
  • Extention Ladders all sizes to 32 feet
  • Step ladders to 16'
  • Stand Offs
  • Planks
  • 3 way ladders
  • Sawhorses to 5'
  • Safety equipment
All rental prices are subject to change without notice!
A Deposit & Charge card required for all rentals.
Rental period 24 hrs

Fort McMurray Contractor
Fort McMurray Contractor
Fort McMurray Contractor